EXPORTACIONES AMAZÓNICAS NATIVAS S.R.L was founded in 1993 by the current General Manager, Mr. Alberto de Amat. The company has focused its business activity on international trade since its incorporation, experiencing significant growth year after year, mainly due to its ability to adapt to market demands. EAN S.R.L is engaged in the provision of nutritional supplements and healthy foods with guarantee, as one of the main companies in the manufacture and export of plants, mainly medicinal, and leader in the export of Uña de Gato. The main industrial and commercial activities of the company revolve around the agricultural sector.

EAN S.R.L. takes care of each step of the productive chain of our products, therefore, the operation of collecting our wild raw materials, such as our Cat´s Claw, has been carried out under the operation of a Forest Management Plan, in which strictly fulfill all the rules stipulated by our government, to achieve a sustained exploitation of our wild flora.

Our company has as main activity the collection, transformation and export of native plants and natural products from the Amazon, the Andes and the Coast of Peru.

The medicinal plants that we handle can be offered in the following presentations: cut, crushed, pulverized, filtered and extracts. In addition, our other products, such as peppers (Paprika and Dried Chili Pepper Ancho), seeds and grains, are offered whole. Our company is also responsible for the production of Essential Oils.

These presentations can be obtained in large or small quantities. On the other hand, the company offers its customers products of the highest quality, additional technical information and samples of the different presentations which is handled so that they can know and evaluate the quality of the products; as well as to provide support in the development of special products according to the technical specifications of each customer.

Currently the company has an administrative office located in Lima and a plant production located in Lurin.


To be an innovative company in the field of medicinal plants and/or other sources, committed to constantly exceed, with our products and services, all the expectations of customers, guaranteeing a healthier life through the conservation of our plants and their surroundings.


To be leaders in the manufacture and export of plants from the Amazon and Andes of Peru carrying out an organized and environmentally friendly collection.